Q. I'd like to talk to a Gunslick Pro representative. When should I call?

We recently launched an improved phone system that ensures you speak with a live agent. Representatives are available to answer your calls between 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday.

Q: "Is there a way to remove copper and powder without harsh chemicals and odors?"

Yes, there has been a great deal of progress recently in the development of environmentally friendly cleaners. Ultra-Klenz uses advanced technology to remove tough copper and 99% of powder fouling easily and safely.

Q: "Where and when do I need to lube my gun?"

All moving parts, such as actions, bolts and hinges, should be lightly lubricated periodically to ensure their proper function. Ultra-Lube is the most advanced lubrication formula on the market, offering both superior lubrication and rust protection at the same time.

Q: "I can never get all the fouling out of my bore. How can I clean it?"

Take advantage of a recent innovation: foaming action that drives powerful solvent into all the grooves and pits in steel to ensure complete bore coverage. Foaming Bore Cleaner does all the work - simply spray, wait and remove. It's that easy.

Q: "My stored guns sometimes come out rusty. How can I prevent that?"

Thoroughly oil all metal parts and re-oil frequently, wiping off excess that could collect dust. Or, simply spray on dry, clear Gun-Seal. It's a new way to protect stored guns from corrosion by repelling humidity and condensation. Gun-Seal prevents moisture or humidity from ever reaching your firearm.

Q: "Is there an easy way to clean my action of grease, dirt and debris?"

Here's how to cut back on elbow grease: Gun-Flush. It's a powerful, pressure-loaded solvent that combines advanced crud-cutting chemistry with a forceful spray. It pushes out caked-on grime, blasts away fouling, and easily cuts through oil, grease and dirt.

Q: "I just got a new gun. Is it ready to shoot, or is there something I should do to prep it first?"

New firearms have factory-applied coatings of grease, oil or other protectants that you may not even see. For best results, remove this buildup with a chemical such as Nu-Gun before shooting. Nu-Gun will remove coatings and leave a light film of lubrication for extra protection.

Q: "Can I use any off-the-shelf lube on my gun? Are they all the same?"

Some general lubes can do more harm than good, by attracting grit and gumming up your gun's workings. A specialized firearm lubricant is designed for your gun's precision parts. An excellent choice is Gunslick Graphite Lube. It provides high lubricity, won't gum up or break down, won't attract dust, is long-lasting and is effective in almost all conditions.

Q: "My barrel's a mess of copper fouling. Can I clean it without using harsh, smelly chemicals?"

There's a totally new kind of solvent that's formulated to quickly dissolve that copper buildup without the usual noxious chemicals. Look for Copper-Klenz. With this specialized low-odor solvent, you can quickly clean out your barrel without a lot of scrubbing, smell or mess.

Q: "I'm a duck hunter. Do I have to build my own cleaning kit to get what I need?"

The Waterfowlers Select cleaning kit contains the best possible products to overcome wet, cold, grimy conditions. Every kit item, such as new Gun-Dri waterproofer, is just what you need and perfect for your kind of hunting. Even the case is designed to stand up to sloppy waterfowling conditions.

Q: "What is the advantage of using a coated rod over an uncoated one?"

Uncoated rods can scrape against the sides of your barrel, creating scratches and marring. Match-Grade rods are nylon coated to protect your barrel, even under heavy use. Plus, coated rods will not transfer residue in the bore, will not leave deposits behind and are chemical-resistant for added durability.

Q: "What can I use to protect my gun from the wet and crud I deal with when I'm out waterfowling?"

Before you head out, spray Gun-Dri waterproofer on all metal surfaces. Your gun will actually repel moisture, and be easier to clean when the hunt is over. The high-tech moisture barrier is dry, invisible and lasts for 48 hours – long enough to survive the wettest, coldest conditions.

Q: "A brush is a brush, right? Is there really a difference between them?"

Brushes are designed to handle certain jobs - one brush may not work for all applications. Gunslick offers both phosphor bronze and stainless steel brushes to ensure that you have the brush you need. Use a phosphor bronze brush for regular cleaning and a stainless steel brush to remove stubborn fouling.

Q: How can I get a catalog?

We no longer print catalogs. For comprehensive information on all of our products, please visit our website. There you can learn more about our new products, current promotions and sign up for our eNewsletter.

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