Ultra Klenz®

Ultra-Klenz® is a versatile, top of the line gun cleaner that removes 99% of powder fouling, removes copper and loosens lead deposits. In addition, it leaves a light layer of lubrication and corrosion protection.


  • • Removes 99% of powder fouling
  • • Removes Copper and loosens lead deposits
  • • Rust inhibitor protects against moisture
Part # Name Size Description MSRP
94102 Ultra Klenz 2oz Pistol - Rifle - Shotgun TBD
94106 Ultra Klenz 4oz Pistol - Rifle - Shotgun TBD
94108 Aerosol Ultra Klenz 5oz Pistol - Rifle - Shotgun TBD
94110 Aerosol Ultra Klenz 12oz Pistol - Rifle - Shotgun TBD
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