Brian "Pigman" Quaca

Brian "Pigman" Quaca Relies on Gunslick Pro

Born in Mexia, Texas just a few hours south of Dallas, Brian Quaca began his career in the outdoor industry as a gunsmith who could turn average rifles into deadly-accurate firearms capable of stopping animals in their tracks. His skill behind these guns was also undeniable, and Quaca built a reputation for killing nuisance hogs that earned him the moniker “Pigman.”

Today, Quaca is known for his hunting skill and his willingness to take a hog by any legal means necessary and at all costs. His hit television show “Pig Man: The Series” on Sportsman Channel is one of the network’s most popular series. Throughout the program, Quaca entertains viewers while he uses and abuses his firearms.

“In my world, a miss is not an option,” Quaca explained. “That’s why I keep my firearms performing flawlessly with Gunslick Pro.”

Quaca’s extreme lifestyle and his wild adventures are a true torture test for the firearms he relies upon. His continued success is proof-positive of the effectiveness of Gunslick’s cleaning power. Serious shooters like Quaca demand the best for their firearms, and Gunslick Pro delivers chemicals that are scientifically engineered and tested to ensure optimum firearm performance. We couldn’t be happier to have “Pigman” promote our products.

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